Another World Awaits
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Another World Awaits Presentation

Another World Awaits is not just a book, it is an introduction to the possibilities of Tessera. There are many things to learn through the story, and even more so after. This is why the Another World Awaits presentation has been created. To offer the new Tesserean insights into not only building their own Tessera, but also a beautiful life.

Coming Mid-January 2017. (By opting in above you will be notified.)

Story Behind the Story

In this segment Adam will explain how and why the story was created, as well an in-depth look into the characters and their purpose..

Concepts and Psychology

This section will cover the concepts behind Dr. Vassar's methods, and how they directly relate to the Tessera Method.

Building Tessera

Adam will go over the importance of building one's Tessera, as well as share a tips for the beginnger.

Upcoming Works by Adam
The Jewel of Pandean

The Jewel of Pandean heads deep into the heart of Tessera itself.  You'll not only learn where Tessera began, but also how its methods were applied by the true pioneers in this highly adventurous, definitive, and applicable book.

Coming Soon
Unraveled Distance

Unraveled Distance is the first of a series of audio tools for the practicing Tesserean.  In this collection you will find an array of Atmospheric Meditations based on locations within the Tessera stories.  

Coming Soon
Uncharted (Album)

During the creation of Another World Awaits, a series of music and atmospheric audios were created in order to sustain the creativity it took to finish the book.  Uncharted, is the result of these pieces in a beautiful, downloadable collection.

Coming Soon
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