A New Beginning

Catalyst is a journey. It is not training, there is no homework, nor is it a way to chase money. It is living life, day by day as a Tesserean. Someone with a unique set of perspectives and skills willing to leverage them in order to enhance a single state of self-evolution and legacy.

Y es, we use business and daily life as the foundation, but you will quickly find out it’s much more than that.

Innovative Features

 Locate, then dissect relative information in order to fashion patterns of sustainable creative output.

Creative Solutions

leverage creativity into a simple, enjoyable, and productive workflow that can remove blocks, overwhelm, and end the suffering of uncertainty.

Stylish Motivations

 turn the things we produce into tangible assets in order to create countless streams of fair exchange.

The model is only three steps

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

The Questions of Catalyst

Is not just about making money, or being valuable to others.  It’s about being valuable to ourselves and engaging the life-long process of exploration, connecting, and producing enough structured experiences to fashion a genuine profile of our own innate behaviors. Let us not walk the path already chosen for us, but instead, learn to create a perfectly imperfect life out of the fabric of positive choice.


January 3rd, 2016

“The Year Of The New Song”

by  Pastor Clint Barnish

“The Year Of The New Song”

by  Pastor Clint Barnish