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Parallels is grounded on the Tesserean principle of Parallel Awareness. Simply put, Parallel Awareness allows us to observe all life-situations, scenarios, and personal objectives from within, and beyond our narrative. Second, Parallels brings novelty into the lessons of Parallel Awareness by teaching us how to embrace the beautiful world of vivid, lucid, and conscious dreaming (and even Out of Body Experience) in order to magnify our subconscious mind while sleeping.

The two together make up the totality of Parallels, which can dramatically alter the way we see, interact, and embrace our personal view of the world.

Parallels is a completely digital program that involves a series of Mental Auditory Simulations (MAS), PDF (ebook), audio (spoken word), and image/video resources.

Parallel Awareness

The ability to be in two places at once produces the opportunity to see far beyond the mind.

Adam King – Tesserean

Tesserean Parallels


This Section offers a brief introduction to Parallel Awareness and how it makes Parallels so different. It’s not just about the perspective it offers, but how that perspective, combined with all of the techniques within this project help develop the experiencer into something far more.

Parallel Awareness Defined

To be in two places at once, witnessing true vision beyond the body in any situation, through any challenge, and beyond any belief.

Understanding Life Without Narrative

Without a story we are able to experience a life without emotional constraint, without limits, and far beyond any wisdom taught to us by our peers.

Moving Beyond the Two Minds

By splitting the self into two counterparts, we are able to answer life’s most elusive questions. Then, we can witness from a part of ourselves that is unobservable.

the Parallels program

Parallels Content Outline

Diet, Body and Environment
Mental Preparedness
The Techniques

Protips during the techniques training Adam will share many “pro-tips” for gaining clarity within dreams, removing fear, and implementing certain emotional vehicles for guiding scenarios.

Diet, Body and Environment

Tesserean Parallels


The following topics will all be discussed and shown via the initial Parallels training. Most are simple to learn and others will go into extensive detail so you can get the most out of each category, technique, or lesson. Several come with personal stories that dive a little deeper, which will help you to uncover hidden gems that you can apply on your own.


Low sugar/carbs, alcohol and toothpaste.


Water intake for second sleep.


Planning the last meal in order to not go to bed hungry.


Stretching techniques for relaxing muscles.

Sleep Position

Sleep positioning (side vs back vs stomach) and safety techniques.


Exercise (walking or light/high rep aerobic weights)

Sleep Cocktails

Pre-sleep supplements, and tonics.


Galantamine, Mugwort, choline, and more.


Getting your house/environment in order.

Sleeping Area

Bed, pillows and blankets.

Room Temperature

Room environment and circadian rhythm.


Proper settings and how they affect fear and overall well being.


Headphones and devices for enhanced simulation induction.

White Noise

Using a fan or air purifier for induction recall.

Taking Notes

Using a notepad or device for taking notes.

mental preparedness

It’s all in the mind…

Tesserean Parallels

Preparedness Leads to Success

The key to the right approach is to know the difference between waking life and sleeping life. Once we can apply waking consciousness to a dream, only then can we experience and entire new world and its events unfolding before our eyes. This section will explore these techniques, what they are, and how to apply them in great detail.

Daily System Checks

Consciousness checks to ensure waking or sleeping consciousness. Using touch, light switching and other physical checks to ensure the body is asleep.

Stress Removal

Understanding the control of narrative and how it induces fear, inability to fall back asleep (surrender) and letting go.

Non-Duality Training

A course in non-duality, how it plays a role in waking within dreams, and how you can use it to induce Out of Body Experience.

The Dream Journal

Advanced section on recording dreams for personal validation, memory recall, and future dream structuring (stories) in both paper and digital formats.

Protips during the mental preparedness training, Adam will share many personal stories of how he overcame certain roadblocks, fears, and mental limitations.

Parallels techniques

15 Ways to Conscious Dream and Experience Parallel Awareness

Tesserean Parallels

The Art of Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experience

Each of the following techniques will be shared via PDF, Webinar, Audio, or Video. Visual models for some will be included so you may use them over and over. The basics will be shared first, then more advanced techniques will follow once you are familiar and have a grasp of the overall lessons. Make not mistake about it, this is one of the most comprehensive guides you will find, filled with over 30 years of experience.

Second Sleep

Sleep interruption, or wake back to bed, i.e. WBTB

Dual Position Stringing

Placing the consciousness in two places at once in order to engage a third awareness.

Articles Before Bed

Custom (and user) stories and articles on conscious dreaming are provided.

Aphorisms and Phrases

How they work, and which ones secure the highest rate of conscious dreaming.

Spatial Cognition

 Listening to inner/outer ambiance for consciousness cues, (voices, sounds, etc) to wake up in a dream.

Deceased Pets

Connecting with deceased pets, what makes it powerful, and how to navigate your emotions during the encounter.

Avatar Projecting

Placing a double, or second self within a (future) dream, then projecting yourself into them.

Pulled In

How to allow a dream entity to pull you into a dream.

Timeline Shifting

To move into a never-experienced timeline in order to seek out an object used to expand the mind.

Push Through

The cornerstone of inducing OBE (out of body experiences)

Yoga Nidra

Understanding this ancient technique for inducing lucid dreaming.

The Mentor

Vocal and physical cues for seeking out a mentor within the dream state.

Albatross Mind Expansion

Allowing the mind to push through one last inch beyond infinity (as though the crown of the head) in order to expand beyond the body. This technique is based on the Albatross module from the Tessera Method Connect program.

Environmental Discernment Technique

This technique is to listen to an atmospheric audio while being present within an alternative natural setting. The result is being able to discern the difference between the waking reality and lucid dream state.

The Current

Learning to see the underlining current of thought, then fall into it in order to move into a lucid dream state.

Full Parallels Program

Tesserean Parallels


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