About the Beta 

The Sanctum Beta is an opportunity to experience the latest Tesserean Mental Auditory Simulation (MAS), called Oculus. (Releases Feb 2nd, registration below is good through this coming Friday) It is one of four Sanctum locations and offers a rare experience. You will join me (Adam) via headphones in Sanctum as I explain the map, then walk you over a bridge to the Oculus Dome. Once there, you will receive verbal instructions before entering the dome and experiencing the Oculus first hand. Whatever message awaits you will most certainly be profound. All I ask in return is for a written reflection of your journey. That's it. No credit cards, no gimmicks, and no strings attached.

What is Sanctum?

Sanctum (not a game or for children) is a place within Tessera (a world built by Adam King via the global Tessera Method released in 2010) that was created around a new, much more profound experience of self-reflective spirituality. It is both a place to enhance one's beliefs, as well as escape any ill-driven philosophies that hold us back from our own personal growth, experiences, and spiritual foundations. It is a blank slate for witnessing, and engaging, your own connection with what lies beyond the body. The four experiences of Sanctum (The Grotto, Oculus, The Nexus, and the Cloud Cathedral), are based on guided MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation) audios, accompanied by a unique set of meditative atmospherics, all composed and written by Adam King. 

Experiencing Oculus

Part 1

Begin by reading the short Sanctum ebook explaining the Oculus experience.

Part 2

Adam will verbally guide you into Sanctum and lead you to the Oculus.

Part 3

Once at the Oculus dome, Adam will share the Corporeal Declaration. 

Part 4

You will experience the Oculus MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation) audio.

Part 5

After you complete the Oculus Simulation, you will be given the opportunity (free and included with the beta) to enter the Oculus Dome four more times via the additional Simulation Atmospheric Experiences. Each comes with a brief description via the Sanctum Ebook (Oculus chapter), and does not include narration so they are always fresh and can be repeated over and over.

- What's Included with the Beta -

Oculus Ebook

PDF format (Oculus Chapter)

Oculus MAS

Main 15 Auditory Simulation (MP3)

Eye of the Absolute

15 Minute Atmospheric Experience

Eye of Nature

15 Minute Atmospheric Experience

Eye of Strength

15 Minute Orchestral/Atmospheric Experience

Eye of Solace

15 Minute Atmospheric Experience

How to Begin

Thank you for your interest in the Tesserean experience Sanctum with Adam King. 

 Below is all you'll need to get your hands on the first module, Oculus.

Step One

Opt-in for access to the Oculus Simulation beta below.

Step Two

On February 2nd, you will receive the Oculus Simulation right to your email.

Step Three

Experience the simulation and share your feedback. It's that simple.

Thank You and Update

Thank you for all who signed up the beta! Registration is now closed. Sanctum will be available for sale once we go through the reviewing process. Stay tuned!