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Evenesce Experience

The short story that leads directly into the Tesserean lessons. Download it for free below.

Comes in both PDF and Audio format.

The 3 Core Foundations

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A New Simulation Experience

I AM Breaking Up With The World, solely began as a written book. It didn't take long to realize that the last thing we need is someone else talking about what rough shape the world is.

What you will find here instead, are 7 steps for creating new perspectives, but through MAS (Mental Auditory Simulations) experiences.

The entire kit is completely free. In fact, you don't even need to give your email in order to download it. Like the saying goes; if it betters the world, give it away for free.

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The Etheric Council


(Empathic) The millionaire whom found her purpose by seeing the patterns of people’s personalities, emotions and needs, then catering to them through a path of service (Strategic Empathy/Altruism) in order to create mutually beneficial exchange. (Ascendant Threading)


(Courageous/Self-Caring) The child who saw, and became, a better, stronger version of himself/herself through his imaginary friend, then found the confidence to conquer her fears, fight her way through the fires of despair, then bring back the energy to heal her true illness, emotional suffering


(Creative) One who is able to experience life as a simulation, therefore mastering his space, the truth behind his personal limitations (survival codes), and create positivity as fuel for further adventures.


(Trustworthy) One (usually a creative) who goes beyond seeking attention to offering themselves and their lives as an Etheric Footprint —within the universal ecosystem— while becoming part of a new world built through the combination of their artistic expressions, self-reliance, and (leadership) true selflessness.

The 8th Verdict

Download the 8th Verdict for Free

This Tesserean story is about a man who is sent to a gala in the desert, then assigned to assassinate one of seven people on a list. If he does so, he may cash in on a prize he and his wife won from entering a sweepstakes. Little does he know, one of the greatest lessons of his life, is lurking just beyond the shadows.

The story is in PDF format and only 10 pages long.

Parallel Awareness

A model in understanding the perspective that started it all.

The Tesserean Handbook

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