The Uncharted Sampler

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The Uncharted Experience

During the spring of 2016 I needed to make a choice. Continue to write MAS (Mental Auditory Simulations) for my beloved audience, or get back to basics and share the true history and stories behind my work. The Tessera Method. 

It was a difficult choice because it meant I must remove six years’ worth of work in order to make room for what truly mattered.  After serval weeks of deep contemplation, the choice was made to embark upon the journey of writing a series. The first of these stories was Another World Awaits which, was originally called Uncharted.  

During the writing of this powerful first book (included with Uncharted) I found myself retreating to the studio to apply a musical documentary behind my efforts.  That music, became the Uncharted Experience.

Another World Awaits “Full orchestral album plus bonus story another world awaits.”

The uncharted experience

an inspirational journey LIke no other

The Music

Orchestral Album (MP3 format)

  • Forever my Love (5:02)
  • Hidden Pride (5:25)
  • Lonely Heart (7:54)
  • Magis Mare (20 Minute Ochestral)
  • My Two Worlds (4:16)
  • Mysterium (20 Minute Meditation)
  • Troubled Waters (5:13)

Music and Book

Music Continued and Ebook

  • Lonely Heart Extended (10:34)
  • No One is Listening (9:22)
  • Shadow of the Diamond (4:52)
  • Solatium (20 Minute Orchestral)
  • The Remnant (15:00 Orchestral)
  • Whisper of Pan (16:14)
  • Another World Awaits book (PDF)

About adam

adam king the creator of the tessera method

Adam King is a visionary and leader in transformational personal development.   He is the creator of The Tessera Method as well as many other programs and experiential works. His work has included some of the most cutting edge psychological and auditory scenarios known in the personal development space. This is accomplished through the use of specialized scenarios, stories and plots, sound effects, atmospheric soundscapes and incredibly lush and powerful musical arrangements.   Adam also teaches logical and emotional reasoning through the application of what he calls Parallel Awareness, which is the clearest benefit of The Tessera Method.
He is married and has two children, who continue to inspire many of the worlds and expressions in which he creates.


Over 2 Hours of Music Story and Meditations

Full Run Time 2 Hours and 24 Minutes PLUS Another World Awaits book

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